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Harrrrowwwww. I'm only posting shitty personal stuff here from now on, I'll be posting all my fangirl stuff over at[info]age_appropriate (a community about wack old lady obsessions), head on down if you're feeling frisky.


 I didn't want to write an essay today or study for the exam I have on Tuesday so I did this on paint instead. Marvel at the shit-tasticness of it all. Here are my favourite lady actors NOT hottest lady actors, please be aware of this distinction (even though there probs isn't much of a difference between THAT list but you know...) Anyway, here is the list in the order that they come up on photobucket. Oh and i'll link this to age_appropriate tomorrow when I can be bothered:

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Dec. 8th, 2010


After I had compiled this list I realised that all of these women have been typecast into some wacked up character types. This list comprises of women who have mainly made a living by playing crazy, delusional, white trash, hard ass, mean, psychotic and extremely quirky characters. Some of these women have had lead roles but the majority are always second billed. Many have been nominated for top awards, some have had a character that defines there whole career while most have battled for years before they are recognised. So here is my list of my favourite character actors (female). This shit took me forever, fuck you paint!

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 Made especially for [info]age_appropriate. Best. Week. EVER!
Ladies in no particular hierarchy of depravity.